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We provide turn-key I.T solutions in the range of information management, processing, movement, storage and dissemination.

These are products built, deployed and managed.


Customer Experience Window

The convergence of multiple feedback channels to generate substantial data and intelligence for organizations to drive excellent customer service is critical. The need to host customer respondents and service providers brings excitement to providing feedback. 



The cost of sourcing can affect the price of an item or service because of the geographical locations of suppliers and service providers. Therefore, the need to connect buyers to suppliers seamlessly whiles they get competitive offers takes away the stress, and the missed opportunities bring fun to the sourcing of goods and services. 


Intel - Vault

Many Academic works are a potential source of great ideas that can change the world or solve a problem in our community. But these brilliant and painstaking academic works are shelved and hidden in the dark as part of fulfilling the academic status quo. We have provided the digital and crystal storage vault that stores all the intelligent academic work and canvas for business opportunities.


Survey Radar

It is a research database application system that provides a comprehensive database warehouse of respondents for surveys in order to generate real-time actionable intelligence. The platform is seamlessly integrated with 3rd party statistical software applications that facilitates data processing and analysis.

We leverage on this in-house database application to power all our research projects and activities, thus, providing a safe and secured environment for your data and information.


My Bus Terminal

An online point-of-sales management system designed to provide a platform for transport service providers to manage and improve customer service by providing real-time bus schedules and timely information for the various routes to enable customers to book their seats for a particular route with a particular provider.